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Hair Removal Techniques Explained - Do You Own Unsightly Body Hairs?

Lucy Brooke

There are numerous methods of hair removal available today for those who wish to rid themselves of unsightly body hairs. Hair removal used to be the sole concern of women, but nowadays men are becoming more concerned about others perception of their excess hair. This has arguably resulted from the increase in influence of the gay community, which seems to have the ability to empower the straight female to be vocal about the things they find unattractive about their men, which often reflects the same tastes as gay men.

The range of hair removal processes include both permanent and temporary solutions, available as home treatments or at professional clinics and surgeries. In this report, we look at the three most popular methods and weigh their advantages and disadvantages.

For popularity and convenience, nothing beats the tried and true method of the trusty razor. Razors are the “defacto standard” and have been around forever, and they are available cheaply everywhere and come in every style imaginable. With a razor, you can take care of many areas of hair removal on your own, in the privacy of your bathroom.

Of course, razors simply can’t reach every area of your body that might require hair removal, which is especially true for men. Razors also tend to cause various forms of skin irritations and removing hair with a razor is a very temporary solution that has to be repeated every few days, if not every day.

To cut down on time and also irritation, many people choose to try waxing. Waxing is a very popular and longstanding method of hair removal, and can be practiced at home or by a professional. Waxing is very useful when removing large areas of hair on the body, while it can also be used to sculpt the appearance of hair with treatments such as attaining the perfect bikini line. Unfortunately, waxing is also very painful, especially on sensitive areas of the body. It rips the hair out at its base, which means that the effect is semi-permanent, as the follicle remains undamaged and able to re-grow the hair.

The major issue with this technique is that the hair must be left to grow for an extended period of time between waxing sessions (often up to six weeks) to allow enough length for the next hair removal by wax to be efficient. Who wants to take on the resemblance of a hairy animal that many weeks in the year?

If the thought of waxing makes you want to take to your heels screaming, relax, there is another option. Lasers are the latest rage for all many cosmetic procedures - and hair removal is just one. Removing unwanted hair in a professional environment with a laser is painless, and as with waxing the effects are long term. Some people will encourage you to believe laser hair removal is permanent, but in fact it takes several treatments before the hair stops growing altogether.

The downside to laser hair removal, of course, is the price. It is an expensive procedure. Utilizing laser hair removal in just the bikini area can run upwards of $1,000 or the cost of just one section of leg can be as high as $2,500! As with any surgery, people who utilize laser hair removal need to research potential clinics and treatment providers very carefully - there are many practitioners looking to make a fast dollar, who are not properly trained and whose methods may end up costing you a lot of money and at worst could cause you some extreme consequences such as burns and scaring.

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Lucy Brooke, a staff writer for is an experienced patient of laser hair removal practices and has enjoyed the rewards and pleasures of smooth skin for a number years.

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