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Hair and the Modern Man - So What Amount of Hair is Acceptable?

Lucy Brooke

For the modern man concerned with his appearance (and all modern men should be, as the whole world begins to place more emphasis on the physical), there are several areas on the body where he should consider hair removal. Some of these areas are visible to everyone, some visible only on certain occasions, and some will only be apparent under the most intimate of circumstances. Each of these areas should be addressed according to your particular situation.

Among the areas that are constantly visible to others are the ears, nose, face, and the backs of hands. Every one of these areas has the potential for hair growth, and depending on the amount of hair, hair removal can be essential in several circumstances, from business appearances to convenience to dating.

Full beards are not in vogue currently, and the fact is that it does not matter much whether you care about fashion or not. If you are in the business world a full beard sends the impression of roughneck, and you are automatically setting yourself back if you do not use hair removal methods such as shaving or effective trimming. Even in other walks of life, outside a walk in the woods, a full beard simply will not lend a sense of comfortability with most people.

Excess hair in the ears, nose and on the backs of your hands also make you a definite candidate for hair removal. Excess hair in these areas is defined as follows: any hair at all in your ears, hair that is growing out of your nostrils in the nose, and visible black hairs on the backs of your hands. Any excess in any of these areas will put a severe damper on your social life as well as your professional life - if you notice it, then the odds are other people will too.

Areas that are not so visible can actually be worse when it comes to excess hair than the visible areas, for the simple reason that no one sees it very often so when it is on show it really stands out. These areas which MUST be properly maintained (and that maintenance will include hair removal) include hair on the back, chest, shoulders and sometimes even the legs. Obviously, the time when this hair will be exposed should you choose not to treat it is in the summertime.

Excess hair in these areas is again dependent on the area. Hair on the chest and legs, for example, is pretty normal and within good parameters might even be considered sexy. Too much hair, however, will be detrimental and men with a lot of hair here (especially thick black hair) should consider laser hair removal.

Any amount of visible hair (not including light blonde / small hair) on the shoulders and the back should be removed. Hair in these areas will be a definite turn-off to many women who may otherwise take an interest in you. Donít fool yourself, and get that hair removed if you are at all concerned with your appearance.

Lucy Brooke, a staff writer for is an experienced patient of laser hair removal practices and has enjoyed the rewards and pleasures of smooth skin for a number years.

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